Optical Fiber Polisher Machine GT-3000

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GT-3000 適用於直徑2.5 /1.25mm連接器
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    • machine size:250W x 450L x 560H mm

    Key Features

    Apply for all types of fiber connectors,φ2.5/φ1.25 mm curved surface polishing & flat surface polishing.
    Curved surface polish
    Curvature Radius (mm) 10--25
    Apex Offset (um) < 50
    Fiber Under Cut (um) < 0.05

    Flat surface polish
    Roughness (nm) < 50
    Angle Error (Degree) < 0.2
    Fiber Protrusion (um) >1



    Touch screen inputs 24 memories of polish data and related processing information.
    Each memory includes: mesh and color of polish film, hardness of polish rubber,polish rotation and speed.
    There are engineer and spot operation modes, spot mode can not change setting and control correct processing.
    Purified water and polish fluid can be used to save cost for consumable material.
    Fixed torque of adjustable motor will not be changed by varied speed, it will also reduce polish variance.
    Unique design for electrical, air and water were separated inside of cabinet,to secure safety during operation.
    Module type of electrical control is easy for maintenance.
    Based on the polishing process, moving the weight to proper loading position.


    Machine size250W x 450L x 560H mm
    PowerAC 110 / 220V , 50/60 Hz , 100W
    Consumption air4 kgf/c㎡
    Polish disc O.D.112 mm
    Polish speed30--300 RPM
    Time setting999 Sec. (Max.)
    Weight30 Kgs


    GT-3000-1Power : 110 V
    GT-3000-2Power : 220 V




    Small Order Recommendation

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